The nature of the Geochemical Society is summarized in Art. 3 which dictates:
The Association is not for profit, and has as its object: the promotion of studies and research and the dissemination of knowledge in the geochemical field. To achieve the aforementioned objectives, the Association may carry out any initiative considered directly or indirectly necessary or useful for this purpose. In particular, the Association may:
(a) organize, at least every two years, a conference on a subject, open to the contribution of members of the Association and other persons, taking care of the publication of the proceedings;
(b) promote and sponsor the organization of scientific meetings (round tables, seminars, conferences) or didactic meetings (schools, training courses) having relevance for the purposes of the Association;
(c) establish degree and research awards and scholarships to promote the dissemination of the discipline;
(d) favor the intervention of the State, the University and the Research and Territorial Control Agencies for the purpose of a continuous strengthening of geochemical research;
(e) promote cultural exchanges with similar associations at national and international level.”