Special Issues

Si riportano di seguito le call for papers di Special Issues di prossima uscita su riviste scientifiche internazionali di potenziale interesse per i Soci:

  • “Environmental Impact of Volcanic Emissions” – Geosciences (IF: 2.1)
    Deadline: 25 Gennaio 2021
    Sito web: link
  • Geochemical Characterization of Geothermal Systems: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Define Source Processes, Evolution and Environmental Issues – Geosciences (IF: 2.1)
    Deadline: 31 Marzo 2021
    Sito web: link
  • Exploration and Evaluation of Geothermal Reservoirs – Energies (IF: 2.702)
    Deadline: 25 Giugno 2021
    Abstract submission deadline (max 100 parole): 18 Febbraio 2021
    Sito web: link
  • “Biogeochemical Behavior of Environmental Pollutants : From Sources to Spread in Gas, Water and Soil Matrices” – Environmental Research and Public Health (IF: 2.849)
    Deadline: 31 Luglio 2021
    Sito web: link
  • “State-of-the-Art Environmental Science and Technology” Environmental Research and Public Health (IF: 2.849)
    Deadline: 31 Agosto 2021
    Sito web: link
  • “Multidisciplinary Approaches for Sustainable Management of Coastal Areas” – Sustainability (IF: 2.576)
    Deadline: 31 Dicembre 2021
    Sito web: link