The abstracts (max 1 per presenting author), in .doc or .docx format, should be sent via e-mail to the following address: genova2022@societageochimica.it.
The subject of the e-mail must contain:
Nell’oggetto della mail dovranno essere indicati:
– la sessione d’interesse: [THERMODYNAMICS], [ISOTOPES], [ENVIRONMENT], [FLUIDS]
– the surname of the presenting author
– the preferred presentation type: [ORAL] = oral presentation of 12 min or [SHORT] = short communication of 3 min
example: [THERMODYNAMICS] Smith [ORAL]
The accepted abstracts will be published in Miscellanea INGV.

The abstracts must be written in English according to the following formatting specifications: Times New Roman 11 pt, line space 12 pt (single space, no space before/after periods).

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The submitted abstract should include the following fields:
TITLE: not all caps;
LIST OF AUTHORS: separated by commas, listed with full Name and Surname, followed by a numeric code (es. Mario Rossi1) for identifying the affiliation;
AFFILIATIONS: identified by numeric codes and written in full, in their original language and in the following order: Institute/Agency/University, Department/Section, City, State (possibly, without address);
TEXT: max 2000 characters – including spaces; mathematical symbols and equations should be included as text (e.g. equation numbering (1)). Figures and tables should not be included;
REFERENCES: bibliographic citations in the text should be indicated in square brackets [e.g. Lyell and Bertrand, 1987; Lyell et al., 1997]; the list of the cited literature should be in alphabetical order and arranged according to the following examples:

Tavarnelli E., (1996). Ancient synsedimentary structural control on thrust ramp development; an example from the Northern Apennines. Terra Nova, 8, 65-74, doi:10.1111/J.1365-3121.1996.X

Cooling C.M. and Hudson J.A., (1986). The importance of in situ rock stress in repository design. In: Proc. Int. Symp. Rock Stress and Rock Stress Measurements, 1-3 September 1986, Stockholm, 647-656.

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