Palazzo Rosso, sited in Strada Nuova or Via Garibaldi, is one of the Rolli di Genova, a group of 42 noble palaces of the XVI-XVII century, declared UNESCO World Heritage in 2006, which were included in the lists (“rolli”) of public accomodations in Genoa, i.e. the prestigious residences that were destined to host high personalities on a visit to Genoa.

Built between 1671 and 1677 on a project by the architect Pietro Antonio Corradi by the will of Rodolfo and Gio Francesco Brignole Sale, Palazzo Rosso was donated to the city of Genoa in 1874 by Maria Brignole Sale De Ferrari, duchess of Galliera, aiming at enriching the city beauty and income through the donation of both one of the most rich and elegant palaces of the city and one of the most important art and historic furnishings collection of the Brignole Sale family that currently forms the historical core of the museum’s collection.

For more information, visit the Strada Nuova Museums website(https://www.museidigenova.it/it/musei-di-strada-nuova).

The Congress will be held in the Stradanuova Teatro Auditorium, sited in Palazzo Rosso in Via Garibaldi 18, entrance from Vico Boccanegra 16124 Genoa (https://teatrostradanuova.it/). The auditorium has 108 seats (with distancing) and a 300 m2 foyer.